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Sakioka Wholesale Nursery, Inc. is a family-owned business established in 1971.

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A Wholesale Nursery Open to the Public!

Sakioka Wholesale Nursery, Inc. is a family-owned business established in 1971 in the city of Westminster, California with 13 acres of growing grounds, at our convenient Orange County location.


Thank You!

We want you to feel welcome so please be advised, we are a wholesale grower that is also open to the public. When you visit us, you will be entering a growing yard that is in full production. There are inherent risks when entering our production nursery. There are grower’s equipment, trucks, and tractors that will be driving up and down the pathways so please be cautious and aware of your surroundings. Be sure to come dressed appropriately, a lot of the nursery will not have shade, and the weather can be extremely hot, cold, or the ground could be muddy or slippery.

Please help us to provide the best service by coming prepared with an idea in mind, or have a list of the plants you would like to buy. Be aware that we offer one on one plant consultation by appointment only, and you will not get one on one service when arriving without an appointment. We will assist you to the best of our ability, but we are often busy and we cannot walk the yard with you.

To provide quick and efficient service, you can also call or e-mail us your plant list and we will have it pulled and ready for you when you come to pick up. We need at least 24hr notice to pull and keep plants for you. You can also order plants for delivery, for an additional fee. We really appreciate your business and want to provide the best customer service to everyone.

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This blog will be updated weekly with information regarding plants, our nursery, landscaping ideas, and anything else plant related you’d like to see posted on it.

Availability list updated monthly!

Availability List

For your convenience check out our monthly availability list to insure that we got what you are looking for! If you’re looking for certain plants or even if you want to see if we can possibly find something similar feel free to give us a call! We will gladly answer all your questions and concerns.

Sales of the month!

Metrosideros 'Green, Psidium littorale

This month we have a couple of plants on sale on top of the already low prices of plants sold here! Come and take a look and start decorating your garden with these wonderful selections!

    • Acacia Rendolens ‘Low Boy’ 1G – $2.00
    • Cistus Purpurea 5G – $5.00
    • Diosma Pulchrum ‘Breath of Heaven’ 5G – $6.00
    • Brugmansia White 5G – $5.00
    • Brugmansia White 24″B- $80
    • Scirpus Cernuus 1G – $1.00
    • Pittosporum Tenuifolium ‘Oliver Twist’ 5G – $14.00
    • Pittosporum Tenuifolium ‘Oliver Twist’ 15G – $45.00
    • Pyracantha Coccinea ‘Scarlet Firethorn’ 5G – $5.00
    • Geranium Scented 5G – $6.00
    • Euryops Green Leaf 5G – $6.00
    • Hibiscus Bronze-leaf Red Flower 5G – $4.00
    • Zephyranthes Candida 1G – $2.00
    • Vulgaris Vittata ‘Painted Bamboo’ 24″B – $80.00
    • Beecheyana Beechey 24″B – $80.00
    • Golden Bamboo 24″B – $80.00
    • Golden Variegated Bamboo 24″B – $80.00
    • Silver Dwarf Variegated Bamboo 24″B – $80.00
    • Psidium Cattleianum (Strawberry Guava) 15G – $25.00
    • Aeonium Arboreum Atropurpureum 5G – $10.00
    • Cephalocereus Senilis ‘Old Man Cactus’ 6″ – $7.75
    • Echionocactus Grusonii ‘Golden Barrel Cactus’ 6″- $7.75
    • Gymnocalycium Mihanovichii ‘Moon Cactus’ 6″ – $7.75
    • Opuntia Subulata ‘Eve’s Needle Cactus’ 6″ – $7.75
    • Pilosocereus Pachycladus ‘Blue Columnar Cactus’ 6″ – $7.75
    • Stetsonia Coryne ‘Toothpick Cactus’ 6″ – $7.75
    • Sempervivum Hens & Chicks 4″ – $1.00
    • Ficus Elastica Burgundy 24″B – $30.00
    • Cupressocyparis Leylandii 15G – $25.00
    • Brachychiton Populneus ‘Bottle Tree’ 15G – $20.00
    • Brachychiton Populneus ‘Bottle Tree’ 24″ B- $30.00
    • Lagerstroemia Natchez STD 9ft tall+ 15G – $30.00
    • Lagerstroemia Natchez MLT 9ft Tall+ 15G – $30.00
    • Lagerstroemia Indica Pink STD 15G – $30.00
    • Lagerstroemia Indica Pink MLT 15G – $30.00
    • Lagerstroemia White STD 15G – $30.00
    • Lagerstroemia White MLT 15G – $30.00
    • Tristiania Conferta STD 14ft+ 24″B $100.00
    • Phoenix Roebelenii STD Single Trunk 6ft 24″B – $200.00
    • Palm Arecastrum Roman (Queen Palm) Single 9ft. 15G – $32.00

**While supplies last, limited quantities** 


Suggestion Box Added!

Suggestion Box

We at Sakioka Wholesale Nursery Inc. want to make your experience here better! We want to hear your opinions, thoughts, feedback, & comments. What do you want to see happen at Sakioka Wholesale Nursery Inc.? What do you like so far? How can we improve our service to better accommodate to your needs? We strive to make you happy! So help us by clicking the Suggestion link and fill out the form. Thank you!




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Echeveria 'Alpine Blue'

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We are stocked full with a diverse selection of landscaping supplies. Our broad variety of ornamental trees, shrubs and vines are on display and available to the public at wholesale prices. We maintain a skilled staff to answer your questions so please don’t hesitate to give us a call! Homeowners and contractors alike will find everything for any outdoor garden, yard or landscape.

Hours of Business

Landscape Companies (Wholesale):

Mon-Sat 7am-4pm

Homeowners (Retail):

Mon- Sat 9am-3pm

*Our business hours are weather permitting. If it is raining it is important to call ahead before you head over to make sure we are remaining open.*


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